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Little ways to help you be better, faster, and smarter in your kitchen

Let's work together to cook more and actually enjoy it!



Getting meals on the table is a challenge. These days, most of us are doing it more than ever. 

Little Ways wants to help you find an easier way. And a fun way. 


For most people, dinner time presents a lot of challenges: not much time, not much energy, and not much enthusiasm. But most of us still like to eat! Little Ways Kitchen is working to connect the dots between the fun of eating and the fun of cooking: making food you really want to eat.

I've been cooking and trying out recipes for a long time, so I can help simplify the dinner process. There are a lot of recipes out there, but not all of them are worth your time. Little Ways finds and tests recipes and passes on the best ones to you. You’re still cooking for yourself and your family: you’re just cooking better, faster, and smarter.


Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Meal Planning Subscription

Get comfortable and confident in your  kitchen with a clear but flexible routine. Family-friendly, weekly recipes and meal plans delivered straight to your inbox.

Family Preparing Breakfast

Personalized Meal Planning

Does your family have special dietary restrictions or needs? I work directly with you to customize a plan that's doable and delicious for you and your family.

Eating a Meal

Special Event Consultations

Are you hosting a party or other meaningful occasion? Let's work together to create a meal plan for a fun and memorable gathering.


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