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Woman Cooking in Kitchen

I’ve been working and playing in the kitchen since I was a kid, when I used to try out recipes from cookbooks we had around, and melted my butter for my bread on the stove because it was just so much better that way. I got upgraded to my mom’s sous chef when I was a tween and she (a French professor at NYU) decided to write a cookbook.


I know what it’s like to deal with space, time, and financial limitations: our NYC apartment’s kitchen was accurately described as a “one-a**” kitchen—if you want to move from the stove to the sink, you just had to pivot (the fridge required one additional step).


I first started cooking regularly on my own when I went to Florence, Italy for a junior year abroad. In our Italian apartment, everyone was expected to cook once a week for the other 6 women in the apartment (plus occasional guests). That meant a pasta first course, a main course, and a side—for a budget conscious group of students. That was a great baptism by fire! I’ve been getting cooking ever since, for fun and because I have to if I want to eat (which I really like to do).


When I became a mom, all sorts of new food challenges entered my life, especially the logistical challenge of figuring out when and how to get food on the table, and finding foods that are good for us and that we want to eat
Over the years, I’ve seen what a hassle cooking can be, but I continue to enjoy it so much that I would love to spread some of that joy around. 


No one needs another thankless chore—let’s not make cooking one of those! 

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