Meal Planning Subscription

Your monthly subscription includes 4 weeks of simple dinner plans with recurrent themes to help you develop your repertoire of meals while keeping the timing and preparation manageable. You will also receive monthly bonus content, including breakfast and lunch dishes, Fun Family Food Projects, videos with helpful tips, access to a host of alternate recipes when you want to switch things up, and more!

Friends Eating Dinner
Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Personalized Meal Planning

If you or your family have specialized dietary restrictions or needs, you may be searching for routines that work for you but having a hard time. I offer a free half hour consultation to discuss your particular concerns and develop a monthly model that you can implement at home. Pricing varies according to level of customization.


Special Event Consultations

Do you want to host—and cook for—a special event, but you don’t know how to do it? Reach out to me with the details of your event and I can coordinate a consultation that will provide you with a model and menu to delight you and your guests. (Consultation prices starts at $30)

Eating Paella